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My name's Paul. I've been cycling since I was around 3 years old, and my earliest cycling memory is riding my red and blue tricycle that had yellow or white wheels. I've always had a bike, well almost always ranging from custom made-up-bikes, to 80s classics such as the Raleigh Chopper, the Grifter, and the Tomahawk - and who didn't ride a BMX in the 1980s; along with the jumps and tricks. I was also a cycle courier from the late 1980s on-and-off until 2005. Great memories being a cycle courier, and like most couriers, I learned a lot about cycling outdoors, cycling in traffic, what to wear and what not to wear, the body in different weather conditions, what to eat and what not to eat, and more such as bicycle maintenance and fast repairs including wheel straightening. I also had a brief stint as a bicycle mechanic while at BikePark, Covent Garden. It was while couriering that I had a couple of great ideas for bicycle products and cycling clothing that I hope to make myself one day. The first cycling product though that I was able to produce myself is known as the Seat Post Height Clamp. Cycling for up to 8 hours a day, occasionally without a lunch-break, having the same cycling-seat-height meant for a comfortable day's ride. At the time, there wasn't a specific product to mark the seat-height, so like many cyclists I used to use electrical tape, and would remove my seat/seatpost to avoid it being stolen while carrying out a delivery/collection; a regular and sad cycle-courier related issue that still happens today. I then I had my 'Eureka Moment' and the Seat Post Height Clamp was born, realising that I could remove and replace my seatpost but without damaging the electrical tape, but more importantly, maintaining the perfect cycling-seat-height.

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105-107 Clapton Common



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