Parts for bikes in London

The bicycle started as a frame, with two wheels, two pedals, a seat for the rider and handlebars to help control the bike. Since it’s a humble beginning, the bicycle and the parts you can buy have evolved. You need to think carefully about the parts you buy for your bike.

There are two main reasons why will need to look for parts for your bicycle, either you have racked up enough miles to wear out some of the components/parts, or you want to upgrade your ride. To upgrade your ride, you could be looking to save weight, increase your safety, improve the aesthetics or add to the comfort of your ride.

Different bikes are made up of different parts:  

Road bikes are built for speed; you will want to consider upgrading the components you have that make the gears and brakes run smoothly. Saving weight is essential, so carbon fibre parts or the more expensive groupsets that improve efficiency and reliability are a must. The hybrid bike is perfect for commuting; you should buy parts that require minimal maintenance. A suspension seat post is a cost-effective upgrade to the comfort of your ride. Town bikes are built for comfort and shorter bike rides. You should get a basket or pannier rack so that you can carry your belongings in style.

No matter what style of bike you have, the tyres you choose can make or break your riding experience. Not only contributing to your ride quality and safety (slick/smooth tyres are not safe in the rain), they can also help you to avoid a journey ruining puncture. You are never short of options when you are looking for a new part for your beloved bicycle. Ensure that you keep your bike and it’s part clean and well maintained, to prolong their life.