Bicycle Cafes in London

As a cyclist, you need to keep hydrated and fueled before, during and after your ride.

Cycling cafes are the perfect place to relax and get that much-needed caffeine and sugar rush you need to continue pushing your body to the limits. They have started popping up in cities and popular cycling routes, offering us cyclists a welcome rest.

These establishments are more than just cafes; each has a unique personality, that still makes you feel part of a community.

Often run by cyclists, cycle cafes offer healthy foods and freshly made coffee to help you keep going during a ride and aid recovery post-workout. Distinct to your average cafes, cycling cafes also provide other services to cyclists. There will usually be a mechanic on-site, to help fix your bike while you sip on a cappuccino. Some even sell bicycles, parts and accessories and are more than happy to impart any wisdom they have about cycling, should you ask.


During football season you can walk into most pubs and expect to be able to watch the game. Cyclists do not have that luxury, even when the grand tours are on like the Tour de France (one of the biggest sporting events in the world). The best cycling cafes will show the most popular races so that you can surround yourself with fellow supporters and delicious food while watching the worlds best cyclists battle their way up Mont Ventoux.

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist looking to make conversation with cyclists in your area, a beginner that needs a bit of advice or a passerby looking for a delicious treat and welcoming atmosphere, Cycling cafes are more than just a place to fill up your water bottle: they are all-inclusive and give you a place to seek refuge from the world.