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What are Cycling Clubs?

Cycling clubs are an excellent way for you to meet like-minded people in your local area and start to get integrated into your local cycling community.

Most cycling clubs will have social media pages or websites advertising when they will be going out for rides.

Naturally, the most popular times are Saturday and Sunday morning. They will offer different starting times and routes based on ability.

Don’t worry, you do not have to be a pro cyclist to sign up.

How is it to ride with a cycling club?

You may have seen a group of cyclists in your local area riding two abreast, while pointing at things in the road or shouting “car” at every vehicle they see, like a repetitive game of eye spy.

Riding with a club is different from solo riding.

While in the pack, you are responsible for the safety of those around you. To keep everyone in the pack safe, there are a set of seemingly complicated signals, designed to help the group avoid potholes, broken glass and other hazards that may ruin your ride.

They are easy to remember, and you will start to notice yourself pointing at the road when you are next out by yourself.

Should I join a cycling club?

Cycling clubs help to build up your confidence on a bike. You will also pick up tips and tricks from seasoned cyclists who like you were once a beginner.

Helping you with what gear you might need to upgrade your bike or a training plan if you have a fitness goal in mind.

Expect regular cafe stops, to help “refuel” and try out the local pastries.

There is often an annual fee to join a club, but this is only to maintain the organisation and perhaps provide you with a branded jersey, so you feel like part of the team when out on the road.

You will also have the opportunity to sign up for and attend local Sportives or Time Trials, that otherwise may have been challenging to get a place in.