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The Idea


BikeShops.London is the brainchild of a fellow Londoner with a big love for cycling.

In the middle of the pandemic, she realised (just like anyone else, really) the importance of owning a bike.

What also became clear though, was how long and frustrating it can get to search for your closest bike shop or service… especially when you really need it.

So the idea was born:

Why not creating a hyper-local website, that helps cyclists based in London to find the closest bicycle shop or specialist/freelancer? 

And that was it! After a one-month non-stop working on her new project, BikeShops.London was born.

The Purpose


There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you are helping someone to resolve a problem. And that is the purpose of this website, really:

BicycleShops.London helps you find your closest bike store or service in London. You can search by category, service, product, or location. Find out which bike stores are running promotions, or check out what workshops or classes are organised by your local shop.

And the best part is that it’s all in one place.

Thank you


I want to thank the bike stores or freelance specialists who joined this platform from the start: thank you for your trust and for choosing to join London’s new cycling community.

Thank you to the fellow Londoners who will use this website, hopefully, it will be a really useful tool for you.

And finally, thank you to my partner, my friends, my family and collaborators who supported me during the creation of this project. Thank you!