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How can you keep your bike safe when left unattended?

Being the victim of bicycle theft is a horrible experience, so how can you keep your bike safe while left unattended? Fortunately, most bicycle thieves are opportunistic and will choose the path of least resistance. Here are some tips to help keep your beloved bicycle safe.


1 – Find a secure immovable bicycle rack to lock your bicycle to

Bike racks and stands are dotted around the streets of most towns and cities. They offer a convenient spot to lock your bike to something secure. Try to find one that is in a busy area and ideally covered by CCTV.

You may have seen the enclosed cages/domes, often found outside flats and offices. These off another layer of protection as the would-be thieve would need a key to gain access.


2 – Look out for secure indoor parking solutions

Cycle hubs offer secure, sheltered parking where you can leave your bike in confidence. Often found outside train stations, they give you more peace of mind than leaving your beautiful bicycle locked up in the street all day.

You may have to pay a monthly subscription for the key and access. However, it is worth the investment to keep your bike safe, especially if you leave your bike there all day or overnight.


3 – How to effectively lock your bicycle

Firstly, buy at least one D-lock. You need to lock the frame to the rack/immovable object you are securing your bike to. Do not forget about the wheels. Ideally, you want both the front and back wheels to be secured. Either use two D-locks or you could take off the front wheel and place it at the back of the bike so that the d-lock can secure the frame and both wheels.

Check you have securely locked the d-lock before you leave your bike. If you have expensive accessories, such as lights or a saddlebag, you should remove these when leaving your bike unattended.