Hello and welcome! In here you’ll find support videos and step-by-step guides aimed to help you understand and use your account features. If you experience any technical issue, please drop me an email and I’ll look into the issue for you. 


Step-by-step guides & Support videos

From the table of contents below, click on the feature you want to learn more about.

➡️ Announcements  (with video tutorial)

➡️ Events  (with video tutorial)

➡️ Deals and offers  (with video tutorial)

➡️ Appointments   (with video tutorial)

➡️ Listings   (with video tutorial)

➡️ Dashboard

➡️ Inbox

➡️ Invoices

➡️ Saved

➡️ Reviews


Let your customers know about your latest announcements.

This great feature allows you to communicate any important latest information to your clients. Do you want to let them know about the new safety measures in place in your shop? Or your new opening hours? Or maybe about your new products in stock or service range?

Select your “call-to-action” type and build your announcement around it.

See how to create an announcement HERE.


Host and promote your own live/virtual events.

From learn-how-to-fix-your-bike classes to group rides, to new product showcases, let your customers know about your latest events, and get them to join in.

Include your event details, visual content, along with a link to your Facebook/Twitter event ticketing platform.

Your event will be displayed both on your business listing and on the main Events Page.

See how to create an event HERE.

Deals and offers

In this section you can create an publish your latest deals.

Include your offer’s details and link to your website, for users to redeem it. You can publish a max of 3 offers at a time.

Once you have set up your deals, these will be visible on your listing and on the main Deals & Offers page.

Find out how to create your first deal HERE.


New customers can send you meeting requests from the appointment box on your listing.

Once you set your appointment slot duration, they can select their preferred date and time and send you a request.

From your dashboard, you can accept or decline the offer. All your confirmed appointment will be stored in your appointment calendar.

Click HERE to set up your appointments.


• Your listing overview

From your dashboard you can manage your listing quickly and easily.

See how many total views did it receive, what plan is it associated to, when is it due to expire and your listing status.

From this section you can edit it, remove it or simply change your payment plan.

Make sure you add your Google Analytics tracking ID , in order to gain more insights

• Update your listing

It is incredibly important to make sure that your listing contains the most detailed and updated information.

If you update your listing in the correct way, you will maximise your business visibility, receive more traffic and improve your SEO ranking.

Click here to see “How to list your business” on BikeShops.London

Scroll down to see the highlights of each section.

Primary Listing Details – Highlights

In this section, you need to include your business details.

Include accurate and consistent information: 

Please make sure that all information you add here, is matching the one you included in other directories and social media platforms.

If, for example, you have listed your business on Google My Business, you have to make sure that your company name, website, phone number and street address are the same as on BikeShops.London.

London Location: in this section, you can add up to 3 locations. If for example your business is based in Soho, in the “London Location” box you can add Soho – Mayfair – Covent Garden

WhatsApp number: you can add here your WhatsApp contact details, for your users to message you directly on the app. Learn more about WhatsApp for business here.

Category and Services – Highlights

In this section, you’ll specify your business category and linked features.

• Category: you can select all relevant categories and sub-categories that apply to your business. Please, when picking your categories, be honest about your product and service range. The purpose of this site is to provide accurate information to the users.

•  Listing’s features: Tick all features that apply. Please note: users can search by feature, so it is very important you select features that accurately reflect your business service range.

Prices, business hours and social media – Highlights

• Prices: you can decide to show your price range by selecting the value that best represents your service range. Also, you can add your service range min and max price. By updating your prices, these will be visible on your business listing.

•  Business hours: It’s very important that your business hours are the same across all online platforms where you advertise your business.

For example, If on Google my Business your opening hours are Monday – Friday 9-6 / Saturday 10-5 / Sun closed, you have to make sure that you update your listing on BikeShops.London with the exact same hours.

Also, users can filter their search result with the filter “Open Now“. So, to avoid confusion and disappointments, please make sure the information you provide is correct.

•  Social media: In this section, you can link all your social media pages to your listing. Users can access your social media pages directly from your listing on BikeShops.London.

FAQs – Highlights

The content you provide in here can drive a bunch of highly targeted traffic to your listing.

Make sure to include as many useful Frequently Asked Questions as possible, as the keywords you use within them are very important for SEO purposes.

Description and Keywords – Highlights

Possibly among the top 3 most important parts of your listing.

Description: Take your time filling in this section, and make sure you provide an informative, yet concise, description.

The user experience should be as follows:

1. User accesses your listing

2. User understands your key-business service and product range

3. User contacts you by clicking on your contact details or via the message box in the page.

Use different headings; they help to give structure to your content. Remember to add hyperlinks pointing towards elements or pages on your website, this is will help you increase your online traffic

Keywords/Tags:  Keywords-Keywords-Keywords !

Tags are particularly important: users can search by keywords, therefore you must include in this section every single service or product that you sell.

For example: If a user is looking for a Brompton bike and you want them to find your shop, you should include in your tags the keyword “Brompton bike”, as well as any Brompton model you are selling, like “Brompton M6L 6 speeds”.

Same for services, do you offer puncture repair, bike wash, or any other service? Then please include it in your Tags and Keywords section. The more detailed you are in here, the better.

Visual Content – Highlights

Youtube video: If you have a YouTube channel, you can link in here the best video representing your company, services, or product range. This will appear at the very top of your listing, more visible for your user and incredibly engaging.

Picture gallery: You can add up to 15 pictures in your gallery. These will be displayed above your company name on your listing. To explore your galley, users can slide right/left

Business logo: Make sure to also include a HighRes version of your business logo.

I recommend you always upload the highest-resolution pics, in order to make them stand out fully.


You can access insightful data on your business performance from your front-end dashboard.

Access daily, weekly and monthly stats of user views, customer leads and reviews.

• User views: Your listing’s weekly/monthly total views.

• Customer leads: Total number of leads that your listings received over the last week/month.

• Customer reviews: View the total number of reviews you received last week/month.


Customers can contact you directly, via the message box built in your listing.

They can contact you to get a quote, to check your availability, to see if you offer a specific service, or maybe to check if you stock a particular product

All enquiries sent from the message box will appear on your dashboard, in your “Inbox” section. When you receive a new message, you will be notified via email. A red dot will also appear on your dashboard, to notify you about the new message received.


Manage your invoices from your dashboard.

After purchasing a monthly/yearly Pro subscription plan, your invoices will be automatically generated and stored in the “Invoices” section on your dashboard.


Save a listing has never been so easy.

Registered users (both business owners like you, and regular site visitors) can bookmark their preferred listing, and save them on their dashboard, in the section “Saved” .

Save businesses with whom you may start a partnership with. By join marketing forcing with other shops or service provider, you have the chance to further increase your online visibility.


I can’t stress enough how important it is for your listing to receive reviews!

Here are the three main reasons:

1️ They make you more visible: users can filter their search results by most reviewed and highest rated. If you receive reviews you’ll appear right at the top of the search, and your listing will be more likely to be clicked.

2️ They give you social proof & make you more trustworthy: if new customers read the positive reviews left on your listing, they are more likely to pick your service. Furthermore, by receiving positive reviews, your business builds trust and credibility.

3️ They connect you to your customer: by replying to both positive and (especially) negative reviews,  you show that you care about what your customers think. As a consequence, you’ll either reinforce your client’s positive experience or make sure they know that you care about making things right for them.

You can access and reply to your reviews from the section “Reviews” on your dashboard.

If you require any assistance or if you are experiencing any technical issue, please drop me an email here.