Thank you for joining BikeShops.London!

Hello, I am Aga, founder of BikeShops.London, and I’d like to personally thank you for joining this platform.

I have put together some useful information for you, to get you started and ready to use the platform confidently.

I would really love to hear your feedback on BikeShops.London. If there is anything that you think I should improve,  please do not hesitate to let me know. 

Enjoy the platform and drop me a text or an email should you require any assistance or further information.

Thank you,


Table of Contents

1.Working together

  • The purpose of the website
  • How I can help you
  • Subscription plans

2.Next steps

  • Update your listing
  • Learn more about your account features
  • Virtual tour of BikeShops.London and your account features

3.Video tutorials and step-by-step guides

  • Support videos & Step-by-step guides
  • Book a virtual tour

4.Social media and blog post features

  • Social media
  • Blog posts

5. Let’s connect

  • Best way to reach me
  • Office Hours
  • Let’s link up on social media
  • BikeShops.London Groups

1. Working together

Now that you’ve claimed/listed your company on the site, you have full control on your account.

You will be able to update your business information, receive direct messages & reviews, and finally publish your own deals, offers and events.

You’ll benefit from social media and blog posts features, and you’ll also be invited to join BikeShops.London Facebook and Nextdoor group, where you’ll be able to share with the audience your latest offers, activities or new products/services available.

The purpose of the website

The main focus of BikeShops.London is to continuously develop and optimise the platform, in order to help you:

  • improve your business overall online visibility
  • increase your performance on search engines
  • optimise the management of your customer requests


I will also talk about you and your business on my social media platforms. More info on this can be found in section 4 of this page.

How I can help you

The website has been designed for you to independently manage your own listing, update it with your latest and most accurate information and deal with your own enquiries easily and quickly.

I am here for you to:

  • support you with any technical issue you might experience on the platform
  • give you suggestions on how to improve your listing efficiency
  • guide you through your account features in case you need clarifications


Visit section 5 on this page to find out what’s the best way to get hold of me.

Subscription plans

You are now using the free version of the Pro plan. The purpose of this free trial is to let you experience the full service, at no extra costs.

At the end of the trial, you’ll be able to choose whether BikeShops.London is good for you or not. If you wish to continue to be part of the website, you’ll be able to proceed with:

  • the pro plan at £7.99/month – £79/year
  • the pro-v plan (with virtual tour) at £14.99/month – £149/year
  • downgrade to a free listing, with limited features.

2. Next Steps

Update your listing & profile

After creating or claiming your listing, you’ll have taken full control of your account and profile.

Once you are logged in, hover your username on the top right corner of the home page. From there you can access your dashboard, update your profile or sign out.

In order for the listing to be effective and serve its purpose, it’s important to update all its parts with accurate and detailed information.

Visit the “Listings” section on the  Tutorials page to find out how to update it with the right information, in order to gain more traffic and visibility.

Learn more about your account features

I’ve created some useful step-by-step guides and videos for you.

These will help you understand and use your BikeShops.London account features.

Check out the tutorials on the  Tutorials page.

Virtual tour of BikeShops.London and your account features

Would you like me to guide you through the website and your account features?

Contact me and we’ll schedule a virtual tour together. You can find my contact details in section 5.

3. Video tutorials and step-by-step guides

I have created a series of video tutorials and step-by-step guides for you.

• Check out the videos and step-by-step guides HERE

• Would you like to schedule a virtual tour instead? You’ll find my contact details in section 5, get in touch to book a virtual tour with me.

If you experience any technical issue on the platform, please contact me directly and I’ll look into it. I aim to resolve all technical issues within 48h (excluding bank holidays and weekends). Find my contact details in section 5.

4. Social media and blog post features

BikeShops.London is a brand new website, launched at the beginning of October 2020. I am working hard to maximise the brand’s followers base, which is steadily increasing.

Here below I’ll clarify what and where  I’ll be sharing on BS.L’s social media pages and website’s blog:

Social media:

• What type of content will I be publishing?

On BikeShops.London’ social media pages, the focus will be primarily on people and London.

We won’t be publishing any sales-y post, but favour instead content that:

  • tells a story
  • is useful to the audience
  • is interesting to who’s watching.

Here below I put down some examples of posts that will be published:

  • Posts that tell about you, your team, your story and how you positively contribute to the community
  • Re-posts of BikeShops.London followers (i.e. cool pictures of them with their bike, somewhere in London.)
  • Any upcoming virtual/live event you are organising
  • Your latest and hottest offers or new and inspiring products in stock (new custom-builts, new bikes, new accessories..)

•  Where will I publish this content?

  • Instagram (posts and stories, some content may be saved on the highlights)
  • Facebook (main page)
  • TikTok (from February 2021)

I will tag you in each post and  I’d be very grateful if you could repost/share&tag @BikeShops.London on your social media pages too.

• What do I need from you?

I will get in touch with you when it’s time to create the post and together, we will discuss the content that will be published. Finally, I’ll send you a link to a form, that you’ll need to complete and return to me within 5 working days.

Blog post on BikeShops.London’s website

Blog posts are incredibly important: by creating relevant content for the audience, you can drive traffic on your targeted website. Using backlinks helps you to get better search engine rankings, faster indexing and finally referral traffic.

There are essentially two types of content I’ll be sharing:

• General content that I produce

This will be focusing on:

  • Articles on trending topics related to cycling in London
  • Cycling-related tips and guides
  • Inspiring ride ideas


• Blog posts in which you can be featured

  • List articles: for example, “top ten cycle cafes in London”
  • Interviews: based on a specific topic, I’ll ask you questions and produce an article in an interview-style
  • Guest posts: you will be writing this article, and you’ll be able to share your thoughts, story, experience on a specific topic.
  • How-to-guides: here you’ll be able to share with the audience some guidance and advice on how to DYI some bike-related projects. For example, “essential bike maintenance”.

•  Where will I publish the articles?

Posts will be first published on our blog and then will be shared on the following BikeShops.London pages:

  • Facebook
  • Nextdoor
  • GMB
  • Pinterest

Please, feel free to share these articles on your social media pages too!

•  What do I need from you?

When we’ll venture into your blog post feature, I’ll send you a template that you’ll need to complete and return within a given time.

You’ll be kindly asked to supply high-res pictures too, and depending on the blogpost’s nature even videos and/or infographics.

If you want to include some specific key-words in the article, I’ll need you to let me know in advance, so that I can include them in the blog post.

5. Let’s connect!

Best way to reach me

•  WhatsApp:

  • The fastest way to get hold of me.
  • Estimated response time: 1h
  • Contact: +44(0) 7796855081 


•  Email

Office Hours

I am available:

  • Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm
  • Saturday:  9am – 1pm

Let’s link up on social media

Follow/Like BikeShops.London pages, let’s support each other ?


BikeShops.London Groups

I’ll invite you to join the private groups on Facebook and Nextdoor as soon as these are active.

The audience consists of London-based bicycle users, following bike-related topics.

On these groups, you’ll be able to share your own content with the audience, following the group guidelines.

Thank you again for joining BikeShops.London! If you have any further question, get in touch and I’ll come back you as soon as possible.



Founder of BikeShops.London